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Understanding the Danger of Dump Truck Crashes

Posted by Russell West | Sep 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

Two individuals were taken to a hospital recently after a dump truck collided with a Dutch Brothers Coffee drive-thru as well as another business located on Fourth Avenue and Freya Street. Witnesses to the accident described a substantial amount of debris and the sound of metal-on-metal grinding due to the crash. The dump truck driver was subsequently charged with one count of vehicular assault. The driver was remanded to the Spokane County Jail on a $250,000 bond. Seven people were taken to the hospital following the crash. A worker at the coffee stand incurred a hip fracture in the crash and was taken to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Another worker at the coffee shop was also hospitalized.

Witnesses later reported that the dump truck traveled along South Freya Street at a high rate of speed. The truck weaved in and out of traffic and struck several vehicles past East Fifth Avenue before traveling west across the street. The truck is then reported to have driven through an insurance office before crashing into the coffee stand. Witnesses also reported helping to free several people who were trapped insides of vehicles that were pinned between the coffee stand and the truck. 

The dump truck driver was later found to be intoxicated on an unknown substance at the time of the crash. The coffee stand sustained so much damage that it had to be torn down. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that in 2016, 9% of all dump truck accidents were serious enough to necessitate the towing away of a vehicle. In 2016, the number of dump truck accidents rose by 2.7% to 5,483 occurrences.

Due to their immense size and weight, dump trucks present some serious dangers about which motorists and pedestrians should be aware. 

Heavier Loads Leads to Stronger Force

Dump trucks carry heavier materials and are built with greater strength to endure these loads. Consequently, collisions involving dump trucks also result in much more force than crashes involving smaller vehicles.

Dump Truck Driving Patterns are Often Unpredictable

Dump trucks are designed to stop as well as turn often, which means they often do not move with the flow of traffic. As a result, dump trucks can present a substantial danger to other motorists when the dump truck drivers suddenly stop or turn. This driving pattern greatly increases the risk of crashes. 


Improperly stacked materials inside dump trucks can easily throw them off balance and lead to the trucks rolling over. Furthermore, if load rolls out from a dump truck, this could lead to other vehicles on the road ending up in a crash. 

Obtain the Assistance of a Dump Truck Crash Lawyer

When dump truck crashes occur, one of the best things that you can do is obtain the assistance of a compassionate accident attorney. Contact the West Law Office today for assistance.

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