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Car Accident Injuries

All types of car accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries. While many people do not expect to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, they also do not expect to be involved in a serious car accident. In Washington, thousands of motor vehicle drivers and passengers are injured each year due to vehicular accidents. These accidents have the potential to result in large amount of medical bills and unanticipated obstacles. As a result, accident victims frequently find it important to obtain the assistance of skilled legal counsel.


Less common than some other types of car accident injuries, amputations cause accident victims to face a lifetime of complications. Most amputations due to car accidents involve a person's upper arms.

Back Injuries

Back injuries have the potential to significantly disrupt a person's life. Most often in motor vehicle accidents, a person's lower back is affected. Car accidents victims also commonly experience back strains, fractured vertebrae, and herniated discs.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are common in serious car accidents. In many cases, broken bones are also associated with internal injuries. Some of the most common types of broken bones include broken pelvises, broken wrists, busted ribs, hip fractures, skull fractures, spinal injuries, and tibia fractures. Broken bones often require a significant amount of time to heal and require extensive rehabilitation.

Chest Injuries

The significant impact of a car accident can break a person's ribs or sternum. These accidents are particularly common when a person fails to wear a seat belt. Airbags have helped lessen the rate at which chest injuries occur, but fractures and internal organ damage can still occur.

Emotional Scars

Emotional problems after a car accident are common. The trauma of an accident is often compounded because people frequently ride in vehicles with family members or friends. These emotional scars can be just as difficult to manage as physical injuries.

Neck Injuries

Many people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents experience neck injuries. Some of the most common types of neck injuries include strain and whiplash. These injuries occur because a person's neck is jerked suddenly when an accident occurs, resulting in an increased amount of stress being placed on the ligaments and muscles in the neck.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Car accident victims are at particular risk of experiencing traumatic brain injuries. These injuries occur because vehicle occupants can strike their heads on parts inside the motor vehicle include airbags, seats, and windows. Some of the various symptoms that are associated with traumatic brain injuries include difficulty thinking, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, and nausea.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

The legal counsel at West Law Office has significant experience assisting car accident victims through the personal injury claim process. We understand the many costs that car accident victims often face, including car repair costs, hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and in some cases even wrongful death compensation. If you are injured in a car accident, contact our law office today for assistance with your case.

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