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Tips to Avoid Moose (and Deer) Crashes

Posted by Russell West | Feb 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

A motorist was pronounced dead at a medical facility following an accident in January 2022 when the motorist collided with a moose. A passenger in the crash incurred minor injuries as a result of the accident and was subsequently released from the hospital. The section of Eastbound Interstate 90 where the crash occurred was temporarily closed but has since been reopened. 

If you are traveling in Spokane or the surrounding area and notice a sign stating that deer (or moose) are in the area, you should take this warning seriously. Striking either of these animals with your vehicle can lead to serious injuries and substantial property damage. 

Both deer and moose are herd animals, which means they routinely travel in groups. These animals are also most often busy during dawn as well as dusk. Moose and deer, however, behave differently from each other.

Moose are much larger as well as heavier than deer. Unfortunately, how moose act is much more challenging to anticipate than deer. For example, deer that are moving will likely continue in the same direction while moose are more likely to switch directions multiple times. As a result, motorists can encounter moose blocking their path at any point. Motorists should be particularly cautious during the June mating season when moose act more aggressively.

What You Can Do to Avoid Striking a Moose

Moose are large animals, which means that hitting one could seriously injure or even kill a motorist as well as seriously damage a vehicle. When collisions occur, it is common for the body of moose to fall on top of a vehicle's hood or windshield. 

Moose are most active in the early morning and late day. During this time, moose can wander onto roads. At night, moose can be difficult to spot due to their dark fur, which means some motorists do not notice them until they are too close. Moose can stand as high as seven feet tall, which means that motorists should check the road for moose that may blend into the trees in the background..

Motorists should drive slowly during dawn and dusk. You are more likely to collide with a moose if you are unable to quickly stop your vehicle. Stopping quickly can be made challenging in winter weather, though. Some people find moose standing in the middle of the road as they navigate a bend. Stopping suddenly on an icy curve can be incredibly dangerous.

If you notice a moose in the road, you should stop your vehicle and then turn on your hazard lights. Avoid swerving if you are in danger of striking a moose because these creatures might decide to dart into your new path. You should wait for the moose to move out of the road and give it sufficient time to walk away from the shoulder of the road before moving your vehicle forward.

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