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Three Tips for Avoiding Vehicle Accidents in the Fog

Posted by Russell West | Feb 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

In January, due to thick fog and snow, two semi-trucks ended up colliding with one another. The accident occurred at milepost 12 on State Route 25, which is located 12 miles north of Davenport, and resulted in injuries for one of the drivers.  

In similar conditions, approximately 10 miles north of Ellensburg and shortly past exit 101 for Thorp Highway, a semi-truck went across the Interstate 90 median, traveled through eastbound lanes, and exited the side of the road. The driver involved in this crash was fortunately not injured and surprisingly did not end up colliding with any other cars on the road. 

Driving in the fog is a stressful experience and can make even the most seasoned drivers uncomfortable. Unfortunately, fog is a common occurrence in eastern Washington. While it is a good idea to avoid driving in the fog, that is not always possible. The following are some important tips that all motorists should remember when driving in the fog. 

There are Three Different Types of Fog

While many people think that there is only one type of fog, in reality, there are many different kinds. By understanding the situations in which each of these types of fog occurs, drivers can more easily avoid these conditions and resulting accidents. Fog is broken into the following types:

  • Advection fog is created when air blows over a cool surface and moves against the ground in a horizontal direction. Advection fog is most common at night and during both the late fall and spring. This fog is particularly thick and long-lasting.
  • Radiation fog occurs when heat absorbed by the earth is radiated into space. As the earth's surface cools, it can result in humidity near the ground and a thick blanket of fog. Radiation fog is most common during the autumn and early winter.
  • Valley fog is common in mountain valleys and is most common during the winter. Fog of this nature dissipates quickly after the sun rises and burns it off.

Safe Driving Strategies in the Fog

If you have to drive in the fog, there are various strategies you can use to greatly reduce your chances of ending up in an accident. These include: 

  • Avoid passing traffic and never travel too close to other cars on the road
  • Utilize your vehicle's low beams because high beams reflect off the fog and impair the vision of motorists
  • Open your window slightly so you can hear oncoming traffic, which might not be readily spotted
  • Substantially reduce your vehicle's speed
  • Monitor your vehicle's speedometer and remember that having limited depth perception often leads drivers to think they are traveling more slowly than they really are
  • Obtain the greatest visibility possible through the use of defrosters and windshield wipers
  • Make the most of the right edge of the road, which can function as a guide

Do Not Forget About Negligence

Motorists should remember that even though it is difficult to navigate the fog, negligence laws still apply. When an accident occurs, drivers can still be held liable for their actions, which means these motorists can end up being liable for things like medical bills and repair costs for those injured. To avoid such complications, drivers should only plan to navigate the fog when it is absolutely necessary to do so. 

Contact a Compassionate Spokane Accident Lawyer

Most people feel uncertainty about how to respond after being involved in a fog-related car crash. If another driver caused your crash as a result of fog or any other factor, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced accident attorney. Contact West Law Office today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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