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Spokane Fixed Object Collisions and Liability

Posted by Russell West | May 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

A crash occurred in April 2020 on Trent Avenue close to Argonne Road, which sent a car colliding through a series of mental fencing. Due to the accident, the intersection was temporarily closed but has since reopened. Witnesses reported that the occupants of the vehicle that collided with the fencing were not seriously injured. 

While fences are a common object that is struck in car collisions, some of the other stationary objects with which drivers commonly collide include signs, utility poles, and trees. In these accidents, the driver is sometimes to blame, but other parties can also be liable for the resulting accident. As a result, if you were involved in a fixed object collision, it helps to understand some helpful details about fixed object collisions and the resulting liability. 

Fixed Object Accidents Often Have Serious Consequences

Many people think when drivers collide with stationary objects, they often do so head-on. Data compiled from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, however, reveals that straight-on collisions in which a vehicle hits an object dead-on rarely occur.

If a crash is not head-on, the damage is often devastating. It is not uncommon for the body of a motorist to continue traveling through space until coming into contact with an object that brings it to a stop. Additionally, colliding with stationary objects sometimes results in seats breaking free or vehicles ricocheting into secondary objects which can cause additional damage. Additionally, head-on collisions can cause various hazards including engine injections and even explosions. Given these serious complications, drivers need to understand that various parties might be liable for the damage caused by these accidents.

Potentially Liable Non-Driver Parties

Besides the driver involved in the fixed object collision, various other parties might be found liable for the resulting accident. These include:

  • Construction companies sometimes negligently place construction sites, which can end up playing a role in how a crash occurs. 
  • Other drivers can cause motorists to end up colliding with fixed objects. These drivers often then perform hit-and-run accidents and flee the scene of the crash. 
  • If a property left an object on a road, this could end up causing an accident. In these situations, it might be possible for the driver to pursue compensation from the property owner. 
  • Sometimes car accidents occur due to mechanical failure. In these situations, if it can be established that the accident was the direct result of a mechanical failure, the car manufacturer might be found liable.
  • Accidents involving large trucks are often deadly, and sometimes drivers move suddenly to escape one of these crashes but end up colliding into fixed objects. Trucking carriers and truck drivers might be found liable in these situations. 

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