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Golf Cart Accidents in Washington State

Posted by Russell West | Feb 15, 2024 | 0 Comments

The dangers of a speeding car or motorcycle are obvious. By this logic, golf carts are the ideal vehicle for the risk-averse. They poke along at 20 miles per hour, and the person behind the wheel is usually a retiree who just wants to enjoy a quiet day at the golf course. Despite their low speeds and their avoidance of high-traffic areas, golf carts are perfectly capable of crashing and causing injury. If you get injured in a golf cart accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your accident-related medical expenses. Depending on the details of the accident and the severity of the injuries, you may be able to do this by filing an insurance claim with the responsible party's liability insurance provider, or it may require a personal injury lawsuit. If you have been injured in a golf cart accident, contact a Spokane personal injury lawyer.

Washington Golf Cart Laws

Washington state law specifies, in its legal definition of a golf cart, that the vehicle's maximum speed cannot exceed 20 miles per hour. This means that the maximum speed for golf carts is lower in Washington than it is in other states. In theory, a golf cart that can go faster than 30 miles per hour could cross state lines into Washington and be recategorized as a low-speed vehicle (LSV). LSVs look a lot like golf carts to the untrained observer, but they have seatbelts and other car-like safety features, and at least in Washington, they can drive faster.

You do not have to have a valid driver's license to drive a golf cart in Washington, but you must be at least 16 years old, and you must have completed the driver safety course, which is a prerequisite for getting your learner's permit. In other words, a golf cart can serve as your introduction to driving. It is illegal to drive a golf cart while it is dark outside.

According to state law, golf carts can only drive on public roads if the speed limit does not exceed 25 miles per hour. States and counties have the right to enact even more restrictive rules about golf carts on public roads.

Injuries Related to Golf Cart Accidents

The risk of a golf cart colliding with a car in Washington is low, but plenty of other things can go wrong involving golf carts. A golf cart can strike a stationary object or a pedestrian. Occupants of the golf cart might get injured if they fall out of the vehicle or if they do not keep their arms and legs inside the golf cart while it is in motion. Injuries arising from golf cart accidents are usually not life-threatening, but they can cause expensive medical bills.

Contact West Law Office About Golf Cart Accident Cases

A car accident lawyer can help you if you suffer a serious injury in a golf cart accident. Contact West Law Office in Spokane, Washington, to find out more about your legal options.

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