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Driving Under the Influence is a Felony in Spokane When an Injury Occurs

Posted by Russell West | Aug 02, 2017 | 0 Comments

According to a July of 2017 article in The Spokesman-Review, a Spokane school board member was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and hitting a bicyclist. The accident happened in late June when the 42-year-old board member allegedly attempted to pass a vehicle on Rockwood Boulevard shortly after 8 p.m. The vehicle allegedly clipped a bicyclist in the bike lane. The bicyclist suffered injuries such as cuts and bruises on his left hip, knee, elbow, hand, and leg.

A witness claimed they saw the school board member drive through the intersection of Southeast and Rockwood going about 30 mph. After the accident, he allegedly kept traveling and did not stop to render aid to the bicyclist.

According to police, he later turned south on Southeast Boulevard, crossed the middle median and hit two street signs. He also allegedly hit a power pole, which knocked out electricity. He passed out after the accident in his vehicle. A physician, who happened to be on the scene, claimed the school board member's vehicle smelled of alcohol.

The criminal case against the board member is still pending. He was arrested and later released. Blood alcohol tests that were taken to determine whether he was intoxicated at the time of the accident are also pending.

DUI in Spokane Involves Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence

Washington criminal law makes it illegal to operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. A driver can be accused of DUI if his or her blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is 0.08% or higher within two hours of driving. A driver accused of drug DUI must have a THC concentration of 5.00 or higher.

DUI in Spokane is a Misdemeanor Unless there are Other Factors

DUI is a misdemeanor charge. This charge does not include prison time. Under certain circumstances, DUI is a felony charge. These can include:

  • Having four or more prior DUI offenses within 10 years
  • DUI conviction that includes a victim dying or being injured
  • DUI vehicular assault

Vehicular Assault in Spokane Involves Injuring an Individual While Intoxicated

Vehicular assault is the crime of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and injuring another individual. To be convicted of the crime, a driver must have done one of the following:

  • Acted in a reckless manner and cause serious substantial bodily harm to the victim
  • Caused substantial bodily harm to the victim while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Showed a disregard for the safety of others and caused substantial bodily harm

Contact West Law Office About Your Spokane DUI

A vehicular assault DUI is Class B felony punishable by about 10 years in prison. Contact West Law Office regarding your DUI case. You need legal guidance and attorneys who will fight for you. You need West Law Office. Contact us immediately.

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