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Deciding Liability in Snow and Ice-Related Accidents

Posted by Russell West | Dec 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Motorists in Spokane began facing snow and adverse winter weather conditions toward the end of November. As a result, motorists also began experiencing accidents caused by snow and ice. According to Washington State law enforcement, the right lane of southbound SR195 close to Paradise Road was temporarily closed at the end of November 2020 due to a crash involving a law enforcement vehicle. Fortunately, no one was involved in this accident. Interstate 90 West at Sprague, NSC at Parskmith, and SR195 at Mullen Hill were also blocked. 

Based on statistics provided by the United States Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Auto Insurance Center, each year approximately 1,836 fatalities and 136,309 injuries are caused by accidents that occur on icy and snowy roads. 

How Ice and Snow Cause Accidents

Some of the most common ways in ice and snow are known to cause accidents include:

  • Drivers who follow other vehicles on the road too closely
  • Ice and snow cause a vehicle to spin out of control
  • Ice and snow that stick to a car's window and reduce visibility
  • Motorists who rush to reach their destination
  • Vehicles that experience braking issues

Liability for Snow and Ice-Related Accidents

Some people argue that it is not fair to hold drivers who cannot safely operate their vehicle due to ice or snow accountable for resulting accidents. Motor vehicle drivers are aware of the hazards of winter road conditions, however, and as such, Washington state law holds drivers accountable when accidents occur. Consequently, every time motorists decide to drive in ice or snow, the motorist assumes the risk of traveling in such conditions and agrees to be found responsible if an accident occurs. 

How to Stay Safe While Driving in the Snow

Some of the most helpful strategies that drivers can follow to avoid ending up in accidents caused by the ice or snow include:

  • Drive gently and deliberately. This avoids sudden braking or turning, which can lead to sliding.
  • Keep an eye on the road far ahead of you. By giving yourself as much time as possible to respond to road conditions, you can avoid sudden collisions.
  • If your car begins to skid, focus on where you would like to stop rather than where the car is heading.
  • If you skid, avoid one of the most common mistakes and do not panic.

Speak with a Compassionate Washington Personal Injury Lawyer

Compensation can be difficult to obtain in many different types of car crashes, but multiple vehicle crashes where liability is held by multiple parties are some of the most challenging cases. If you find yourself facing such a case, it is important to obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney who can gather evidence, analyze these details, and create a strong argument about why you as an accident victim should receive the greatest amount of compensation possible. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation and so we can begin fighting for you.

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