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An Insurance Company Calls After an Auto Accident: What Should I Say?

Posted by Russell West | Jun 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

The aftermath of an auto accident can be stressful and daunting. On top of your physical injuries and emotional trauma, you also have to deal with phone calls from the insurance company.

When an insurer calls, most people do not know what to say, and they often end up saying things that could compromise their claim. If you were recently involved in an auto accident, our lawyer at West Law Office can help. Our Spokane auto accident attorney can assist you with filing your claim and will help you communicate with the insurance company the right way.

Why the Insurance Company May Call You After an Auto Accident

The insurance company may contact you after the collision to gather information about the accident. This is to help them determine fault and assess the damages. They may also call you to try to settle the claim quickly, which benefits them more than you. The goal of the insurance company is to pay out the smallest amount possible while still settling your claim. That's why it is important to be cautious and strategic when speaking with them.

Things You May Be Asked by the Insurer After the Accident

When the insurance company calls you, they may ask for the following:

  • Basic information, such as your name, phone number, and address;
  • More specific details about the accident, such as how it occurred, when it happened, and the types of injuries you sustained;
  • The details of any witnesses who saw the accident;
  • If you have spoken to any lawyers or if you plan to hire one; and
  • If you have received medical attention, and if so, where and who treated you.

The things you say to the insurer when answering their questions can impact the outcome of your personal injury case. If the insurance company is trying to convince you to accept a quick settlement offer because “there is limited time for compensation,” they may be trying to manipulate you. While there is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit for compensation, that time is three years from the date of injury under Washington law (RCW 4.16.080).

Things You Should and Should NOT Say When Speaking with the Insurer

It is important to be cautious when speaking with the insurance company. Remember that everything you say can be used against you to reduce your settlement or deny your claim. Here are things you should say when speaking with the insurer:

  • Stick to the facts. Describe the accident accurately, but do not speculate or offer opinions.
  • Keep it short. Answer the questions they ask honestly and succinctly, but do not elaborate.
  • Ask questions. If you are uncertain about anything, ask the insurer to explain it or clarify.

And here are things you should NOT say:

  • Don't admit fault. Your lawyer will investigate the case to determine fault.
  • Don't agree to a recorded statement. The insurer may use this against you later, so politely refuse.
  • Don't discuss your injuries. Until you have been advised by your doctor or lawyer that it is safe to do so.

When speaking to an insurance adjuster, it is critical to maintain a professional tone. Stay calm, clear, and concise. Keep in mind that the adjuster has a job to do, and they are not your friend. Do not let them intimidate or pressure you into answering difficult questions. You can also take your time when answering questions if you need time to think or gather your thoughts.

Contact a Lawyer to Get Legal Help

With the right preparation and understanding of what to say, you can navigate the conversation with the insurer with ease. If you need more guidance about what to say and not to say, consider hiring a skilled lawyer who will handle the communications on your behalf to minimize your risks and maximize your compensation. Contact West Law Office to get a free case evaluation from our lawyer. 

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