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What Makes Accidents Involving Tow Trucks Unique?

Posted by Russell West | Jul 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

A two-car accident recently occurred at Third and Maple which caused a slowdown that impacted many drivers. Spokane law enforcement reported that the crash occurred between a city vehicle towing a lawnmower and another vehicle. Minor injuries were reported. Law enforcement said that they are still examining the scene and exactly what led to the accident.

Towing vehicles are often seen on the roads of Spokane. These vehicles perform the helpful tasks of moving disabled vehicles. Unfortunately, tow trucks, like any other vehicles on the road, can end up in serious accidents. Because tow trucks are much bigger than passenger vehicles, crashes involving tow trucks can end up causing serious, life-altering injuries.

The Common Elements of Accidents Involving Towing Vehicles

Due to their substantial size, towing vehicles are likely to cause greater damage than small vehicles when collisions occur. These vehicles bear a similarity to delivery vehicles as well as tractor-trailers when it comes to these accidents. Tow trucks are also likely to be covered by insurance. Due to the risk of greater damage and less comprehensive insurance coverage, lawsuits and insurance claims involving tow trucks are often more nuanced than those involving passenger vehicles.

The Slow Evolution of Towing Vehicles

The first types of towing trucks were created at the start of the century. Motor vehicles became so ubiquitous, that break-downs became common. The earliest tow trucks of the “hook lift” kind could hook onto the axle of the non-movable vehicle and then tow the vehicle to another place where repairs could be performed. Towing vehicles include several types of vehicles:

  • Boom trucks that have a boom and lifting equipment to tow a vehicle. These vehicles are less commonly seen on the road because the manner in which they operate can damage axles.
  • Self-loader vehicles are similar to underlift vehicles but have equipment that permits the towing vehicle to attach to the other vehicle without the tower leaving the vehicle.
  • Underlift vehicles that utilize extended harnesses or yokes that are positioned under a disabled vehicle to pick up an axle or frame.

Safety Advice Drivers Should Follow Around Towing Vehicles

Some of the important pieces of advice that drivers should follow when traveling in the proximity of towing vehicles include:

  • Give towing vehicles adequate space. Towing vehicles are bigger than passenger vehicles and while they might not be as big as tractor-trailers, they are still not easily maneuvered and cannot stop as quickly as smaller vehicles.
  • Understand that the chance exists that a towing vehicle might not have properly secured the inoperable vehicle, which can lead to the vehicle or other vehicles falling off the tow truck. As a result, you should avoid driving directly behind towing vehicles.
  • If you are stuck in traffic and spot a towing vehicle approaching, try to give the vehicle adequate space to pass.

Contact an Accident Attorney Today

Towing vehicles are just one of the many dangerous types of vehicles present on the road. Regardless of the types of vehicles involved in your accident, though, one of the best things you can do following such an event is to contact an experienced attorney. Do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation with West Law Office today. 

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