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Vital Safety Precautions All Motorcycle Riders Should Follow

Posted by Russell West | Sep 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

On August 21, a man passed away following a motorcycle accident that occurred close to South Madison Road. The man collided with a tree and entered cardiac arrest as a result of his traumatic injuries. The man was later pronounced dead by firefighters. As a result of the accident, South Madison Road between Gibbs Road and Palouse Highway was temporarily closed. Additional details about the crash, including its cause, are still under investigation. 

Motorcycles are fun and a cost-efficient way to travel during a time when gas prices seem to be constantly escalating. Riding a motorcycle, unfortunately, also carries much more risk than driving a motor vehicle. Data suggests that motorcycle crashes are as much as 30 times more likely to be fatal. While it is impossible to avoid ending up in a motorcycle crash completely, riders can follow some helpful precautions to greatly reduce the risk of ending up in an accident. This article reviews some of the most helpful strategies that motorcyclists should remember to always follow.

Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear

While some people strive to look as hip as possible when riding motorcycles, safety should be your top consideration when dressing to ride. Things like shorts and a t-shirt are not enough when riding a motorcycle, even if it is hot outside. Leather jackets, sturdy pants, and boots are much sturdier options that can provide substantially more protection if you are involved in a crash. You should also wear appropriate eyewear if you have an open-faced helmet. Gloves are another item you should consider when riding a motorcycle. 

Remain in Your Comfort Zone

Appreciate your abilities as a motorcycle rider and make sure that the route you select is one that you can sufficiently handle. Your motorcycle should fit you, which means that your feet should rest flat on the ground when you are seated on the bike. Trust your gut. If you think that the motorcycle is too heavy for you, it likely is. You want to make sure that it is easy to get both on and off your motorcycle and that the controls are easy for you to reach. The more acquainted you are with your rate, the easier time you will have focusing on your safety. If you go riding with a group, avoid pushing yourself to keep up with others. Ride at your safety level instead of trying to keep pace with the group. 

Inspect Your Motorcycle

Adequately inspect your motorcycle before riding. Some of the important elements of a motorcycle that you should examine each time you ride include each tire's air pressure, the positioning of the mirrors, and the headlights. Walking around your bike before riding will also help you assess whether there are any leaks, loose bolts, or other potentially dangerous aspects.

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Due to the lack of protection on motorcycles, when these vehicles are involved in accidents with motor vehicles, the results are often devastating. One of the best steps to take in such a situation is to speak with an experienced lawyer. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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