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Things to Know About Accidents Involving Vehicle Entrapment

Posted by Russell West | Mar 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

An accident was reported recently on North Spokane's Mission and Astor intersection that necessitated an extraction from the involved vehicle. Several law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency workers arrived at the scene, while traffic was temporarily redirected and motorists were advised to avoid the area.

Few details about the accidents have been made available. One person, however, is confirmed to have been transported to a nearby hospital. The extent of the patient injuries caused by the crash still remains uncertain.

Vehicle entrapment occurs more often and in more situations than many people believe. Vehicle entrapment also has the potential to be deadly, which is why it is a good idea to know some important details about escaping vehicles.

What to Do in Advance

Taking some precautions in advance can help reduce the chances that you end up stuck in your vehicle. Some of these steps include:

  • Study your owner's manual and learn about where the various emergency handles are located. Inspect whether every family member who uses your vehicle knows these things. Also, go through your user's manual to determine whether a reserve exists for the electrical system that unlocks the doors or windows if the engine stops working.
  • Do your best to make sure that your cell phone is charged and on you. 
  • Inspect the battery charge on your fob every few years. Avoid exposing a keyless-entry remote to adverse weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • Make sure to keep a spare key for the vehicle stored in a safe location. 

What to Do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle

You should remember some important tips if you end up trapped in a vehicle, which includes:

  • Avoid panicking. The first step to getting out of your vehicle is to not panic. 
  • Examine every entry of the vehicle to determine if one will open.
  • Call for help if you are unable to exit your vehicle.
  • Do your best to gain the attention of anyone nearby by pounding on your vehicle's windows.
  • If the vehicle's horn still works, honk it.
  • Make a help sign if you have a paper and pen available.
  • Understand that the front window of a vehicle will simply crack and spider web, but you can sometimes break the side windows of a vehicle. Some vehicle manufacturers have started laminating side windows to avoid shattered glass, though. 
  • Know that vehicle makers have begun placing mechanical release levers inside their trunk. These levers must be easy to find and are easy to use. This might be an escape option if you are stuck in a vehicle. Additionally, most late-model vehicles have collapsible back seats that permit access to the trunk if a person is inside the vehicle. 

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