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Reducing the Risk of Rollover Crashes

Posted by Russell West | Sep 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Washington State Patrol reported that on August 19, 2022, drugs and/or alcohol played a role in a vehicular accident involving a rollover that occurred on the Interstate 95 to SR 195 interchange and sent one person to a hospital. It is uncertain if the person who was involved in the accident was wearing a seatbelt. 

The vehicle involved in the accident is reported to have struck a dirt embankment, entered the air, and collided with a column of an elevated railroad track. The vehicle came to a stop on its top.

A few seconds of inattentiveness while driving can end up turning anything from a trip to a quick errand into a fatal and tragic event. Almost as deadly as head-on collisions, rollovers are not the type of accidents from which most car crash victims can expect to brush themselves off and walk away. Even if you “luck out” and find yourself in the small group that is not injured following a rollover crash, the costs required to repair your vehicle will likely be significant.

Avoiding a rollover is not something you should only consider when you are in imminent danger. After all, there is little you can do after you have reached this point. Instead, effectively preventing the risk of these crashes begins before you even step into your vehicle. Below are some helpful steps you can take to lower your chances of ending up in a rollover.

Put Thought Into What Vehicle You Drive 

Some vehicles are more likely to end up in rollovers than others. In recent years, there have been many lawsuits involving sports utility vehicles and rollovers. Data suggests that sports utility vehicles are three times more likely to end up in rollovers than passenger vehicles. Sports utility vehicles, as well as minivans and trucks, have a higher center of gravity and are further away from the road than vehicles with lower centers of gravity. A high center of gravity means that if people are involved in these crashes while riding in the vehicles, the results will likely be much more serious than in vehicles with lower centers of gravity. As a result, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, you should give thought to a vehicle with a lower center of gravity. If you do end up selecting a sports utility vehicle, you should consider the possibility of electronic stability control, which detects loss of steering. If a vehicle slides, these controls measure the direction of the skid and apply brakes to each wheel.

Learn as Much as You Can About Your Vehicle

Do you know how much weight your vehicle can safely carry? Many people do not know this detail, but an overloaded vehicle that navigates a corner or stops suddenly is unstable and much more likely to end up rolling over. Make sure to examine your users' manual for recommendations regarding weight. Additionally, the way weight is divided can influence the stability of your vehicle. Even if you remain within a safe weight limit, utilizing your roof rack to carry the heavier items could end up influencing how much harm is caused by a rollover crash.

Weight restrictions are far from the only detail you should know about your vehicle. You should also appreciate other details, including how your braking systems work. The best braking systems available today offer ways to avoid skidding and features that help to lock brakes when necessary.

Contact an Experienced Washington Accident Attorney

Regardless of how your accident happened, you or a loved one might find yourself facing various challenges, including emotional hardships and traumatic memories. If someone else was responsible for your crash, they should be held accountable, and a skilled lawyer can help you. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation and begin taking the necessary steps to obtain the compensation you deserve. 

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