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Pedestrian Hit While Crossing Greene Street Bridge

Posted by Russell West | Feb 04, 2018 | 0 Comments

At the beginning of November, a person was struck by a motor vehicle that was crossing the Greene Street Bridge in East Spokane. Law enforcement determined that the person was attempting to cross the street when the accident occurred. The motor vehicle operator and nearby witnesses remained at the scene until emergency workers could arrive. Fortunately, the pedestrian received non-life threatening injuries. Law enforcement is still not certain if the pedestrian was attempting to cross at the crosswalk at the time that the accident occurred. Adverse weather conditions are believed to be the reason why the accident occurred. While not every pedestrian accident is preventable, many of them are, and this article will review some of the most important steps that motor vehicle operators and pedestrians should follow to avoid being in these types of accidents. 

Major Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are emotionally challenging situations for both the pedestrian that is hit as well as the motor vehicle operator. Some of the most common ways in which these accidents occur include: 

  • Drivers should never operate motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Among many other reasons, driving under the influence substantially increases that a pedestrian accident will occur.
  • Drivers who use cell phones or are distracted in any other way are at substantial risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident because the driver stops being able to focus on road conditions.
  • Drivers must make sure to always follow any posted road signs including particularly red lights and stop signs because a large number of pedestrians accidents occur when drivers fail to obey these directions.
  • Pedestrians should avoid recklessly entering the road or stepping into the road without paying attention. Each year, numerous pedestrian accidents occur because the pedestrian was simply not paying attention to traffic.

Remain Aware 

It is imperative that both motor vehicle operators and pedestrians remain aware of conditions on the road. For motor vehicle drivers, this means cutting out all distractions while operating a vehicle. For pedestrians, this means not listening to music that can distract a person from the noise of any approaching vehicles.

Maintain Visibility

When a person is operating a motor vehicle and there is any type of reduced light or visibility, it is important to turn on headlights so that the vehicle can be seen by pedestrians. Motor vehicle operators should take particular effort to make sure that their vehicles' headlights are on while traveling in adverse weather conditions including fog, rain, or snow. To remain visible, pedestrians should also make sure to wear clothing that can be seen at night, which means avoiding dark colors.

How a Spokane Accident Attorney can Help

If you are a pedestrian in Spokane or the surrounding area who has been injured after being struck by a motor vehicle driver, it is a wise idea to contact a knowledgeable accident attorney. Our legal counsel has helped many individuals who have been harmed in similar ways and understands the many obstacles that can arise from these situations. Contact West Law Office today for a free consultation to determine your various legal strategies and to find out whether compensation is possible in your case.

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