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How to Stay Safe in an Apartment Fire

Posted by Russell West | Dec 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

An apartment complex in the Spokane Valley recently caught on fire. While no one was injured, one dog was killed. The first workers to respond to the fire found flames on all three floors of the apartment complex. Consequently, crews upgraded the fire to a second alarm and brought in more firefighters and equipment to combat the flames. Two residents of the complex were later treated for smoke inhalation. In total, six apartments on the second and third floors were damaged by the fire. While the exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined, the captain of the Spokane Valley Fire Department has commented that parties should remember to properly dispose of smoking materials.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department reports that there were 1,078 annual calls for fires in 2017. This marked an increase from 991 fire calls in 2016. A large number of these involved apartment complexes. Even though it might not be possible to entirely avoid ending up in an apartment fire, it can be life-changing to understand how to respond in case you end up in a Spokane fire. The following will review some various safety strategies you should take if you end up in an apartment fire.

Prepare in Advance

To start, prepare yourself to respond in case a fire ever breaks out in your apartment complex. It is important to know where all the exits are on your floor. If an exit is blocked due to fire, you must know where the alternate escape routes are located. 

Remain Calm

Many people who notice that their apartment is on fire try to get out as soon as possible. Doing this, however, could place you at an increased risk of being harmed, particularly if the fire has spread. Avoid exiting your apartment without your keys. Before you even open your apartment door to exit, check whether it is too hot to touch. When leaving the building, you should never take the elevator because there is a risk that a malfunction might occur that could endanger your life. 

Contact Emergency Services

If you notice smoke or flames in your apartment, you should not hesitate to contact emergency services. During the call, you should inform them about where you are located in the building. This way the firefighters can make sure that you are rescued in case you are trapped. 

Stay Put if You Cannot Leave

If your apartment is not immediately threatened by the fire, and you are unable to exit safely, you should remain where you are. Place wet towels or rags under your doors. You should also cover vents in your apartment to limit the amount of smoke that comes into the room. Avoid breaking windows or jumping out of the apartment. Await rescue. 

Contact an Experienced Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was caught in a fire and another party was responsible, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced accident attorney. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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