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How to Respond if You Lose Control of Your Vehicle

Posted by Russell West | Nov 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

A woman in Spokane was recently fatally injured after being involved in an unusual car accident. At the time the accident occurred, a 59-year-old woman stopped on her long driveway and began to exit her vehicle. After the woman exited her vehicle, however, the car remained in gear and began to roll backward. The woman remained with the vehicle but was unable to make it inside of the vehicle to gain control. As a result, the vehicle left the driveway, struck a fence, and seriously injured the woman, who was later pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

While this accident occurred in an unusual manner, each year a large number of drivers end up in accidents after they lose control of their vehicles. The primary cause of loss-of-control accidents is adverse weather, but these accidents can also occur for many other reasons including equipment failure.  It also helps to understand some of the important steps that you can take to avoid ending up in an accident.

Avoid Panic

It is common to feel overwhelmed when you lose control of a vehicle, particularly when you are outside of the motor vehicle. You should do whatever is necessary to avoid panic because this can make it much more difficult to regain control of your vehicle. Instead, in these situations, you should stay calm and act quickly.

Avoid Braking too Hard

If you are still inside (or able to get inside of your vehicle), it is important to understand that pressing down too hard on the brakes will only cause the car to skid more severely. This is particularly true if you are driving in adverse conditions like the rain or snow. Instead, you should make sure to gently apply pressure to the vehicle's brakes for just a second or two and then take your foot off of the brake.

Avoid Immediately Accelerating

Often out of fear, some drivers press too hard on the gas pedal immediately after losing control of their vehicle. This action, however, often increases your chance of ending up in an accident. You should under no circumstances put your foot down on the brake immediately after losing control of your vehicle.

Slowly Steer in the Opposite Direction

If your vehicle has begun to skid, the best way to respond is to steer the wheel in the correct direction slowly. By attempting to turn the steering wheel too hard, you can end up causing your vehicle to slide in the opposite direction, which can lead to an even more serious accident.

Make Sure to Use the Emergency Brake

The other reason why a car might go out of control is failure related to the vehicle's brakes. Not only is it important to use a vehicle's brakes, you should also make sure that the brake pads are not worn and that the vehicle has ample brake fluid.

Contact a Skilled Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can end up facing very serious complications, including large medical bills and serious injuries. One of the best ways to respond to these accidents is to obtain the assistance of a seasoned accident attorney who will fight for the results you deserve. Contact West Law Office today to schedule an initial free consultation.

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