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How to Remain Visible as a Motorcyclist

Posted by Russell West | Jul 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

One person was recently killed in a Spokane Valley crash involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. The accident occurred close to Crimson Hearth on East Sprague Avenue. Initial information suggests that the driver of a Subaru entered the westbound lane of the road and collided with a motorcyclist. Citizens stopped to help the injured motorcyclist and provide medical care while waiting for Spokane Valley law enforcement to arrive at the scene. After arriving at the scene, law enforcement discovered that the motorcyclist was seriously injured and not breathing. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead. Due to the tragedy, Crimson Heath closed for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, the Subaru driver is reported to have minor injuries and was also transported to the hospital for additional observation. All the westbound lanes on Sprague Avenue were closed for several hours, but have since reopened. Law enforcement is still working to identify exactly what caused the crash. 

The number of motorcycle accidents has risen substantially in the last few years. While this number is lower than those killed in car crashes, a much larger number of individuals drive cars compared with motorcycles. To reduce your odds of ending up in a deadly motorcycle crash, you should do your best to remain visible to other motorists while on the road. The following are some of the helpful tips for remaining visible when riding your motorcycle. 

Make Sure You Wear the Appropriate Gear

Staying visible as a motorcyclist can be challenging. Because motorcycles are so much smaller than larger vehicles, motorcyclists are often difficult for the drivers of bigger vehicles to spot. To avoid ending up invisible to others, it is essential that you wear clothes that make you visible as well as place equipment on your motorcycle so it also remains visible. Wear a helmet, a bright or reflective jacket, use your headlights, and place reflective tape along with your rearview mirror. 

Utilize Nonverbal Signals

Many motorists are not familiar with the various gestures that can be utilized to signify to others that they are on the road. Motorcyclists can, however, take advantage of hand signals to inform others about their intentions and conditions on the road. For example, a left turn is signaled through the extension of a motorcyclist's left arm with the left-hand palm facing downward.

Maintain Your Distance From Other Vehicles

All motorists can benefit from this practice, but this strategy can keep motorcyclists particularly safe. Motorcyclists should do their best to stay a few lengths behind the vehicle traveling in front of them. Keeping adequate distance ensures that a motorcyclist has sufficient time to stop if they need to respond to a sudden change in traffic patterns or road conditions. 

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