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How to Interact With a Witness After a Car Accident

Posted by Russell West | Sep 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Three people recently ended up facing charges following a Spokane car crash that left one person with life-threatening injuries. Based on a press release by the Spokane Police, law enforcement officers were called to the intersection of North Monroe Street and West Carlisle Avenue. 

On arrival, law enforcement estimated that between 100 to 120 individuals were on both the road and sidewalks. Some of these individuals were standing around while others were fighting and another group was trying to help a man lying in the northbound lane of North Monroe Street. More law enforcement officers were then called to the spot as well as the Spokane Fire Department. Following requests by law enforcement that the crowd stop fighting and stranding in the street, most people listened. Law enforcement took witness and victim statements after they determined that the chaos was controlled. 

Later on, reviewing video evidence, law enforcement determined that countless people were at a parking lot at the intersection after cruising Monroe Street. At an unidentified time, a motor vehicle accident occurred with a pedestrian involving a driver and an unidentified pedestrian. Two people were later arrested in connection with an altercation after the crash. Law enforcement later determined that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the collision. The driver was charged with vehicular assault and placed in Spokane County Jail. An investigation into additional details about the accident is still ongoing. 

If you are injured in a Spokane car accident, you will often have to deal with eyewitnesses. Testimony provided by these witnesses is one of the strongest pieces of evidence available in most lawsuits. This article reviews some of the critical steps that you should remember to follow when speaking with eyewitnesses after a car accident. 

Determine the Witness's Location

One of the best things to do after a car crash is to speak with the witness to determine the perspective from which they saw the accident occur. While an eyewitness who directly saw the collision can provide strong evidence, a witness will be able to provide a less persuasive narrative if they only heard the collision occur. 

Collect Contact Information

Even though there are various questions, many people are pressed for time when it comes to asking eyewitnesses all the critical details about how an accident occurred. Rather than ask specific questions, all you should ask the witnesses at the scene of the accident is for their contact information so you can get in contact later. 

Gather Just the Facts

If you speak to a witness, it is important to focus on only collecting the facts. This is why you should ask the witness exactly what they saw. You must then remember to not just listen carefully, but also to ask sufficient follow-up questions. Also, remember that how this evidence can later be utilized is still controlled by Washington state evidence law.

Speak With a Spokane Car Accident Attorney

After a Spokane car accident, it can be difficult to determine how to respond. One of the best steps that you can take as a victim is to promptly retain the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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