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How to Avoid a Wrong-Way Driver

Posted by Russell West | Nov 04, 2018 | 0 Comments

Law enforcement officers near Spokane recently responded to an accident in which a driver left one lane of traffic, entered the opposing lane of traffic, and struck an oncoming vehicle head-on. The driver whose vehicle was headed in the wrong direction was later pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The other driver who was struck was taken to a nearby medical facility. Additional investigations are still being performed to determine exactly how the accident occurred.

While wrong way accidents might seem like a rare occurrence, the National Transportation Safety Board reports that 360 individuals die each year as a result of wrong way collisions. This is because a large number of wrong way accidents result in head-on collisions. Ideally, you will never experience a wrong way accident. If you are involved in one of these accidents, immediately obtain the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer. The following are some tips for how to deal with wrong-way drivers.

Spot a Wrong Way Driver as Soon as Possible

The more time that you have to react to a wrong way driver, the more likely that you will be able to avoid a collision. The best way to remain observant is to periodically examine the road ahead of you. It is also a wise idea to remain particularly vigilant at night and on weekends.

Go to the Furthest Right Lane

Moving to the furthest right lane greatly helps to decrease the chances of ending up in a deadly accident. This gives the intoxicated driver an even further distance to cross before they strike your car, and will provide you with slightly more time in which to respond.

Make the Intoxicated Motorist Notice You

If you are unable to move out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, you should do whatever you can to make the oncoming motorist notice you. This might include flashing your lights, honking your horn, or turning on your vehicle's high-beams.

Position Your Vehicle Sideways

Head-on collisions are the deadliest kind of motor vehicle accident. As a result, if you are unable to escape the oncoming vehicle or make the wrong way driver aware of you, the next best strategy is to position your vehicle sideways to avoid a head-on collision and likely improve your odds of survival.

Contact Law Enforcement

When you notice a driver on the wrong side of the road, do not assume that someone else has already contacted law enforcement. If you have successfully avoided an accident, but others have not, pull over to the side of the road and contact law enforcement. Not only does this make sure that a police report is written, you can also make sure that the dangerous driver is stopped.

Speak with an Experienced Accident Attorney Today

There are numerous complex issues that can arise after accidents occur. In these situations, it is a wise idea to obtain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney who can make certain that you receive compensation for resulting injuries, medical bills, and emotional suffering. Contact West Law Office today to obtain the assistance of a seasoned accident attorney who can make certain that your case resolves in the best possible manner.

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