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How Drivers Can Reduce the Risk of Sideswipe Collisions

Posted by Russell West | Dec 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

In November, the Spokane County Sheriff and Spokane Valley Deputies responded to an accident scene involving a school bus at the intersection of East Wellesley and North Kenney Road. At a time when the driver was the only occupant, the bus flipped onto its side after it struck a BMW that was reported as stolen. 

Law enforcement reported to the area and drove past an unknown male driving the BMW. Law enforcement continued on Queen and turned around to check the corresponding license plate with dispatch. While waiting for the return, the officer noticed the vehicle turn East on Queen. The officer followed the BMW and saw it turn south on Kenney. When the officer turned onto Kenney, they were delayed by another vehicle and lost track of the BMW. The officer was then informed the BMW license plate had been reported as stolen.

Still trailing behind the stolen car, law enforcement approached the intersection of Kenney and Wellesley and spotted a school bus lying on its side in the corner of the intersection. Law enforcement informed dispatch as well as other patrol units of the crash and contacted the bus driver to discover no children were involved. The driver also is reported to have been uninjured. 

Law enforcement also later arrested the man who caused the accident who was injured in the crash and was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. 

The Insurance Information Institute reports that 913 deadly crashes in 2019 were the result of sideswipes. While sideswipe collisions do not occur at the frequency of head-on or rear-end collisions, they can prove deadly for motorists. Sideswipe collisions occur when one vehicle collides with another vehicle's side. Collisions of this kind can be caused by many different factors,  including speeding motorists who are attempting to elude the police. 

Techniques to Avoid Sideswipe Collisions

Some of the most helpful strategies that motor vehicle drivers should follow to substantially reduce their chances of ending up in sideswipe collisions include:

  • Avoid driving while fatigued or distracted because driving like this can greatly reduce your ability to safely operate a vehicle 
  • Carefully examine the blind spot behind and beside your vehicle before switching lanes
  • Do everything possible to limit road rage because getting angry can substantially impact your vehicle 
  • Keep a close eye on other drivers around you so that you can respond immediately in case they begin driving in a dangerous manner 
  • Make sure to have a plan to get out of the way in case another motorist comes close enough to collide with your vehicle
  • Remain observant of large trucks and high-clearance vehicles around you 
  • Reports any erratic drivers who are operating vehicles at a high rate of speed or swerving carelessly between lanes

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