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Electric Car Accidents

Posted by Russell West | May 06, 2019 | 0 Comments

In April 2019, a California company signed a letter of intent with West Plains-Airport Area Public Development Authority to manufacture electric cars in the Spokane area. An executive director for the Public Development Authority states that the operation is expected to create 55 positions initially and that 860 positions will be created by 2026. Additionally, the company has expressed interest in bringing its research and development activities to Spokane, which could create even more jobs.

The Difference Between Electric Cars and Traditional Vehicles

Statistics compiled by the United States Department of Energy reveal that in 2015, there were more than 114,000 electric cars purchased in the United States. Electric cars are motor vehicles that rely on electric motors, which are powered by rechargeable batteries. Unlike other motor vehicles, electric cars do not rely on gasoline or oil. As a result, electric cars are much quieter and more efficient than traditional vehicles.

The Risks Involved With Electric Car Accidents

When electric car accidents occur, they present safety concerns as a result of their electrical components. As a result, some of the added risks involved with electric car accidents include chemical exposure, electric shock, and fire. During accidents, electric car batteries sometimes come loose and can result in the frame of the vehicle becoming charged, which can endanger drivers and passengers. Electric car accidents can also result in spontaneous fires.

Liability for Electric Car Accidents

When electric car accidents occur, liability is often decided in the same way that it is for traditional car accidents. This means that drivers who operated a vehicle in a negligent manner can be found liable for the resulting damage. In some situations, however, additional parties can be found liable. For example, a motor vehicle manufacturer can be found liable if a defect with an electric car's battery resulted in a fire. Defects involving electric cars can include either manufacturing or warning defects. Manufacturing defects include errors that occur during the assembly of a vehicle. A warning defect includes a failure to include adequate information informing drivers about the risks associated with the electric car.

Safety Tips for Electric Car Drivers

Some of the important safety tips that electric car operators should follow to remain safe include the following:

  • Control the vehicle's speed. One of the important steps that electric vehicle drivers should follow is to always maintain the speed of an electric car. The speed of an electric car should be reasonable given posted signage and surrounding conditions.
  • Follow traffic rules. Electric car drivers should remember to follow posted traffic regulations when driving in the same way that they would adhere to the rules if they were driving a motor vehicle.
  • Learn about electric cars. To remain safe, it is critical that electric car operators understand how their car batteries operate as well as the mechanism that make the  electric cars function.

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