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Avoiding Catastrophic Spokane Pedestrian Accidents

Posted by Russell West | Mar 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

A family recently arrived at the Spokane International Airport and while loading luggage into an awaiting vehicle was met with a catastrophe. A nearby sports utility vehicle collided with the family's car. This collision led to the mother being thrown to the ground and another person being pushed under his vehicle. 

Nearby pedestrians rushed to the scene of the accident and began to help the victims. One of these pedestrians was a trauma nurse who held the woman's head and neck straight for approximately 25 minutes while she was unconscious. Another witness was able to collect the couple's two children and take them into the airport to protect them. In the weeks following the accident, the pedestrian victims required several surgeries. 

The driver of the other vehicle has since been released from jail. The man has been charged with two counts of vehicular assault as well as two counts of reckless endangerment. According to law enforcement reports, the man had consumed four to six beers before driving to the airport to pick up his wife, even though he had been suffering from blackouts and had recently undergone heart surgery. 

This tragic story is just one of a countless number involving pedestrians in the Spokane area who have had their lives forever changed as a result of pedestrian accidents. Data released from the Washington State Department of Transportation reveals that the number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in the state has doubled over the last four years.

One of the best ways to avoid facing the same fate is to understand some of the best possible strategies to follow to minimize the risk of ending up in a pedestrian accident.

What Pedestrians can do to Avoid Serious Accidents

Pedestrians can follow several strategies to avoid having their lives forever changed by accidents. These techniques include:

  • Only cross the street in designated areas. This includes not jaywalking, which involves crossing the street at non-designated locations. 
  • At night, be sure to increase your visibility for other passing motorists. This might include wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight. 
  • Make eye contact with passing drivers to make sure that they notice you. 
  • Avoid distractions while crossing the street. Distractions like looking at your phone or talking to someone can take your mind off the surroundings and result in tragic collisions.
  • If you are walking where there is no sidewalk, walk only on the shoulder of the road and face oncoming traffic. This way you can increase your chances of being seen.
  • Never assume that a driver will grant you the right way of way. Many pedestrian accidents occur because a person assumes that a motorist sees them when in actuality the driver does not. Instead, you should let vehicles pass first whenever it is possible to do so. 

Speak with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

When pedestrian accidents occur, they often leave victims facing many serious consequences including large medical bills and lost wages. To fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible, it can help  to speak with an experienced accident attorney. Contact West Law Office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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